I have recently completed principle filming on the US TV Drama OBSESSIONS Season Four for October Films. I played Michelle Fisher from Chicgo, llinois, unfortunately and terrifiying stalked over several years by an ex-partner. The season is currently under wraps but is due to air in the USA March 2017.

Also over recent months, I have been busy creating a new radio campaign for new medical company One Stop Doctors. The first three radio ads, with my voice overs, are currently on air. I have also voiced a new British Gas website, European ads for Mearsk, as well as various voice links for QVC.

Another Doctor Who feature audio will soon be released by BBC Big Fishish Productions where I am delighted to be working alongside Tom Baker.

I continue to appear in UK TV shows on Sky, UK Gold, Now TV and Netflix including series of Poirot, Only Fools & Horses and The Brittas Empire,