Here's a look at some of the photos from the live performances of my new musical play HOUSE ON FIRE at The Union Theatre, London on November 2 & 3, 2014. Production photos will soon be posted on the House On Fire page soon along with clips from the filming from the theatre. Costume by Yong Fong. Photos by Walter Van Dyke. Reviews & comments from these inaugural shows below

Reviews & Audience Comments from Andrée Bernard's play HOUSE ON FIRE at The Union Theatre, November 2 & 3 , 2014

"House On Fire was stunning, she is extraordinary. Bernard held us from beginning to end, made us cry, made us laugh. Everyone should see it"

"The text is both sumptuously and efficiently written, like an epic, sensual poem"

 "Bernard is not only a talented performer, it is a fantastic piece of storytelling that paints pictures with words and the simplest of gestures, therefore allowing her to perform with subtlety the frequent poignancies her character encounters.  She has a sharp ear for dialogue"

"I still have all the songs running through my head. She is eminently hummable..."

"Bernard instilled hilarity and sorrow into a hugely loveable character. Wonderful"

"All alone on that stage Bernard is a bright and sparkling cast. Funny, seriously silly at times poignant, in the bone painful at times, infused with sprinkles of hopefulness this is a thoroughly enjoyable production."

"Bernard is awe inspiring"

"Great songs rendered with amazing energy and passion... Bernard is a house on fire."

"Theatrical wizardry"

" ..the repartee between her and her camp, chain-smoking agent are a lovely framing device. The absurd, and faintly violating, demands of the commercial castings she attends are also brilliantly observed and irresistibly funny to anyone familiar with the industry"

"From the start Bernard cuts a strikingly iconic figure , both overtly sensual and undeniably vulnerable. She plays with and against this visual image in the unfolding of her experiences and her embodiment of the men who variously force them on or share them with her"

"I was captured by the exquisitely sensual movement and a beginning sense implied in those movements of desire that cannot be fully met. Beautiful."

"Andrée elicited in me a host of complex feelings.  I was grabbed by the opening number and never really got fully out of her grasp"

"I've still got the lyrics and tunes going round in my head from 'House On Fire'....I just need to say publicly how fantastic Andree was, having written the whole thing herself and being totally magnificent in it- I was totally inspired and entertained."

"Absolutely stunning performance"

"...what surprised me most was Bernard's writing, which was slick and smart and witty and touching all at the same time, with some clever songs with excellent lyrics. So polished it shone!. Next time she performs it, don't miss it."

"I laughed and cried and laughed and cried some more. Truly wonderful stuff"

"Wow!! To write a one woman play, write the music and lyrics, playing all the male parts and giving each a real character and physicality would be achievement enough, but to do it so bloody well & take the audience on a journey of laughter and sadness; honestly couldn't fault it. Speechless! If it gets a transfer, which I'm certain it will..don't miss it!"

"Fabulous, amazing and awesome, a one woman show that makes you laugh out loud. "

" I could really 'see' each man and relate to the happiness and unhappiness they brought her"

"terrifically enjoyed the show and Bernard's performance. Absolutely loved it"

"Stellar, raging success of a show"

"House On Fire is a triumph of a show"